Visakhapatnam, or the jewel of the east coast, offers something for everyone. From beaches to, hilltops, valleys, caves and Buddhist sites this port city and surround areas will give you all of nature’s bounty in one place. Get packing and spend a few days here and enjoy a wholesome vacation with friends or family. We have a list of things to do while you are here, so make the most of it. A KALEDISOSCOPE AT KAILASGIRI HILL Only 6 kilometres from Visakhapatnam’s railway station, this scenic and lush hill top will give you a panoramic view of the east coast and makes for a fantastic way to start your holiday. Adorning this hilltop are major attractions like a 40-feet high statue of Lord Shiva Parvathi and a floral clock with a diameter of 10-feet. Kailasgiri has become a big picnic spot among tourists and especially those with children because of the toy train that takes a circular tour of the garden atop the hill. ASCENT UP TO ARAKU VALLEY Closer to the Odisha border and 115 kilometers from Visakhapatnam is where you can enjoy deep green forests, rhythmic sounds of waterfalls, pleasant weather and a landscape that will leave you breathless. Ascent up to Araku Valley a hill station surrounded by forests that are rich in biodiversity, home to tribals and coffee farms. If you want an adrenalin rush go rappelling at Chaparai Waterfalls. BEACH-SIDE ADVENTURES If water is your passion then head to the beaches of Visakhapatnam for a thrill of adventure sports or seas-side serenity. Rushikonda or Ramakrishna beach offer you a variety of water sports – scuba diving, jet surfing and more, where you can enjoy the aquatic side of nature at its fullest. THOTLAKONDA And when you are done with water energy, head to Thotlakonda, a 2200 year-old Buddhist site where monks meditated on this sacred hill overlooking the sea. Sit back, destress from the drudgery of life and get your centre back as you become one with nature.


“Visakhapatnam, jewel of the east coast offers something for everyone. From beaches to nature, hilltops, valleys, caves and Buddhist sites this port city will give you all of nature’s bounty in one place.”