The state may be the most advanced in the country, but Andhra Pradesh has not lost touch with its rich cultural heritage kept alive in the form of handicrafts, handlooms and more. End your vacation by taking back a bit of its soul with you.

Kalamkari Fabrics

This unique art of pen-painted or black printed fabrics used for to make sarees or wall hangings has its name origins from Persia -Kalam (meaning pen) and kari (meaning craftsmanship) resulting in intricate, alluring imagery.



Andhra Pradesh’s cultural fabric sits tightly in its age-old tradition of hand-woven sarees. Your vacation is incomplete without an addition of a richly woven Kothakota silk saree, a Venkatgiri silk or cotton one identified by graceful strands of gold all over with geometrical motifs, the more sedate and earthy Narayanpet known for its symmetrical red and white bands or a simple yet elegant Dharmavaram with its broad and brocaded borders.

Kondapalli Toys2.jpg

Kondapalli Toys

Made in a village of the same name near Vijaywada, these lightweight and brightly coloured toys made from punki wood have characters made to resemble Gods, animals and humans.

Narsapur Lace

Originating from Narsapuram, a town in the west Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh lace-making craft has been kept alive through various artisan clusters. Woven with thin threads and crochet needles take back this delicate craft in its various shapes and hues.

Etikoppaka Toys1.jpg

Etikopakka lacquer craft

The art of applying lacquer on wood in bright and pleasing colours, Etikopakka is an antique skill from a village Koppaka close to Vishakhapatnam that lends itself to items like bangles, containers, toys, and more.


Budithi Brassware

An indigenous metal work from the coastal region of Andhra Pradesh Budithi is known for beautiful figurines made from metal alloys, brass or bronze.  Three generations old, Budithi brassware has found itself in the many temples of the state as well.

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