Believe it or not! INS Kursura, the submarine museum housed at the Ramakrishna Mission Beach in Visakhapatnam, is the coolest thing one can come across in the city. The name INS Kursura S20 won’t sound entertaining at first, but once you step inside this museum, it will soothe every historical itch. 

All roads to understanding the history of Great Indo-Pak War and Submarines start here. You’ll find enough historical anecdotes to keep you content for days to come. Needless to say, it’s an excellent place to pique your child’s curiosity on history. Adults don’t worry. You won’t be bored here either, there is enough to awaken you academically. Even if you aren’t a nerd this place will still delight you with its glorious past and military stories. Let’s get to know how some fun facts about INS Kursura S2 Submarine now. Shall we?

  •   INS Kursura was an active submarine which travelled a total distance of 1,36,100 kilometres. It was also a military champion for 31 years.
  •   On your visit to this marvel, you’ll get to meet six retired naval officers who currently serve as tour guides.
  •   A group of 77 men managed to live with two washbasins and two toilets for a month while at sea.  
  •   The submarine on-boarded only two cooks who prepared food for all 77 men in a cramped kitchen - a space smaller than a public phone booth.
  •   This beauty has travelled across the globe, stopping at Russia, Sweden, Mauritius, Spain and Ghana.

There are more amazing things to know about this marine marvel. But we can’t tell you all that? It will spoil all the fun for you when you visit. Go check out this submarine museum and have an experience like never before.